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Water treatment processes are essential in maintaining the safety and purity of our drinking water supply. A key aspect of treatment involves the separation of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to protect us against waterborne illnesses. Here, we explore membrane filters’ effectiveness in meeting this critical task.


Membrane Filters There are various materials and structures of membrane filters available, providing solutions to various filtration needs. A popular option among them is cellulose membrane filters due to their great compatibility with water-based solutions, while there are hydrophobic and hydrophilic variants with unique applications as well.


Microorganism Filtration with Membrane Filters

Polypropylene Syringe Filters


A polypropylene syringe filter can be an efficient means of eliminating microorganisms from water. Its hydrophobic nature helps it capture any harmful pathogens while simultaneously repelling liquid.


Filtration with Ultrafiltration Membranes

Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane filters are an integral part of water treatment systems for microorganisms. Their precise pore sizes range from 0.01 microns to 0.1 microns and effectively trap bacteria or larger viruses that have entered water sources.


Selecting an Appropriate Membrane Filter

Syringe Filters for Precision

Syringe filters have become an excellent way of controlling precise filtration processes in laboratories and small-scale applications, such as laboratories. Their 13mm and 22 syringe filters offer precise filtration control at various pore sizes including 0.22 micron filters priced affordably.


PES and PVDF Filters for microorganism separation can be highly effective. Their combination of specific pore sizes with material compatibility provides reliable results.


Advanced Solutions Sartorius Syringe Filter 0.22


The Sartorius syringe filter 0.22 was specifically designed to meet stringent filtration standards. With superior quality and precision, this microorganism separator stands up well in any environment.


Whatman Uniflo filters are renowned for their consistency and reliability, offering flexible solutions to meet specific water treatment needs. Available in various configurations (A045A047A), these models offer tailored care that’s sure to meet all your water treatment needs.



Membrane filters play a crucial role in water treatment processes by filtering out microorganisms from our drinking supply. From polypropylene syringe filters to advanced solutions such as the Sartorius syringe filter 0.22, these filters ensure our drinking water remains free from potentially hazardous microorganisms that could threaten public health. Their precise control over pore sizes and material compatibility make them essential components of modern treatment processes.

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