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Syringe filters are essential components of laboratory environments, enabling the filtration of samples for various analytical applications. Of the numerous types of syringe filters available, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) filters stand out for their excellent chemical resistance and inertness; researchers must also take note of extractable levels when choosing filters; in this article, we explore whether or not PTFE syringe filters have low extractable levels, and their significance in analytical workflows.


Understanding Extractables in Syringe Filters


Extractables refer to substances released from materials when they come in contact with solvents or samples during filtration, such as impurities, additives, or byproducts from manufacturing processes. High levels of extractable in syringe filters may lead to sample contamination that compromises subsequent analysis and compromises accuracy results.


PTFE Filters


Its PTFE syringe filters have become increasingly popular for various analytical applications due to their remarkable chemical resistance and low levels of extractability. Their hydrophobic membrane composition provides outstanding compatibility with organic and aqueous solvents alike – particularly useful when maintaining sample integrity during HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) analysis or other highly sensitive processes.


Evaluating Extractable Levels


Many factors impact extractable levels in syringe filters, including the manufacturing process, membrane composition, and quality of materials used. Reputable manufacturers in the industry such as Whatman Spartan, Millipore Millex, and Sartorius 16534 prioritize producing filters with low levels of extractables to guarantee accurate and reliable results.


Pore Size and Extractable Levels


A syringe filter’s pore size, measured in microns, determines what size particles pass through it. A 0.45 um syringe filter is typically utilized for general filtration purposes as its balance between efficient filtration and flow rates allows a satisfactory user experience. While smaller pore sizes provide finer filtration capabilities with higher pressure differentials due to denser membrane structures; researchers must carefully consider their application when choosing their appropriate syringe filter pore size for their particular application when selecting their appropriate syringe filter pore size.


Importance of Low Extractable Levels in Syringe Filters


Low extractable levels in syringe filters are crucial to minimizing sample contamination and interference during analytical measurements, helping ensure accuracy, precision, and reproducibility in experimental results. By choosing PTFE syringe filters with low extractable levels researchers can be assured their analysis won’t introduce additional impurities that compromise sample integrity.


Consider Price and Performance


Syringe filters are an integral component of laboratory budgets, so it is essential that a balance be struck between price and performance. Opting for high-quality PTFE syringe filters like those made by Millipore will deliver low extractable levels while offering reliable performance; investing in quality filters could eventually result in more accurate and consistent results, thus minimizing data errors or experimental complications.




Overall, PTFE syringe filters have become popular choices among analytical laboratories for their low extractable levels and ease of cleaning. PTFE membranes boast hydrophobic characteristics and chemical resistance that allow them to remain compatible with a wide range of solvents while simultaneously limiting extractable substances’ release. Researchers can rely on trusted brands like Luer Lock Filter, Whatman Spartan, and Millipore Millex for low-extractable PTFE syringe filters for their analytical needs. Selecting filters with low levels can ensure sample integrity while improving accuracy in analyses, providing reliable results in research or quality control applications.

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